What is Empowerment Gulfcoast?

Empowerment Gulfcoast, Inc. reaches out to working young adults, age 18 to 35, who are struggling, lack resources and need a supportive hand up. Needs vary, from financial help to guidance or mentoring (advice, encouragement, direct to resources, budgeting, etc.), but the goal is the same: Empowerment Gulfcoast wants to give the current generation an opportunity to move forward. For those without a strong network of family and friends who can help when needed, Empowerment is there for you.

Want to help?

Interested in supporting/joining the Empowerment team? We’d love to have you join us! Empowerment Gulfcoast members have the option of being a background angel who makes regular donations or a hands-on committee member willing to use their skills, in addition to being a regular donor, in budget counseling, mentoring, or researching unique needs (best price on a laptop, finding out more about an applicant, matching millennial to a mentor, etc.). All members have the right to vote for finalists being considered.

Empowerment Gulfcoast thanks you for your interest in our program. Empowerment has one goal: reach out to working young adults in the Sarasota County area who lack a strong support network willing to help out in times of adversity in an effort to avert self-destructive behavior. By offering financial assistance as well as mentoring, budget courses, and counseling, the goal is to successfully lift recipients to financial stability.

The way Empowerment helps is uniquely individualized, which is why each recipient is carefully vetted. Phone calls and interviews are made to determine legitimacy of request, as well as to gain more insight as to why the need is necessary. The group looks for transparency and honesty, as well as a willingness to “earn” their help by volunteering their time helping someone else.

Here are some things you need to know:

1.All requests must be completed by filling out the form below. Incomplete applicationswill be automatically disqualified.

2. Please check your e-mail for communication (including junk mail). This is the only way we communicate in the beginning. Failure to respond within 7 days will result in disqualification.

3.We only consider applicants who are employed.

4.We do not accept third party requests.

5.We expect our recipients to help themselves as much as possible.

6.We never give money directly to recipients. Instead, a check is written to the landlord, tires are purchased, payment is made directly to the utility, etc.

7. If accepted in our program, you will be required to attend a mandatory budget class, asked to volunteer (“pay it forward”), and participate in mentoring follow-up (phone call once per month to answer 6 questions designed to assess your progress), which helps provide data for funding our organization. We expect recipients to return phone calls/reply to emails/etc. promptly.

8.While we doallow past recipients to apply again, we do not allow back to back requests.

9. Letters of rent guarantees are valid for no more than 30 days.

10. Empowerment is not an emergency fund. The process of vetting, approval, and check writing can take from one to two weeks.

11.The fund balance fluctuates. Your request may be put on a waiting list.

12.Some requests may be partially funded.

13.Those who do not provide sufficient documentation, such as utility bills or past due notices, are dropped from the waiting list.

Empowerment is NOT intended to create an entitlement attitude where we pay the rent and the recipient gets a pedicure. Background checks, facebook pages, and landlord discussions will be made, however, we are non-judgmental. Your past mistakes will not work against you if you are open about it. We may require certain things, such as agreeing to stay in a program in return for our help, refraining from self-destructive behavior, etc.


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Falsehoods/Misrepresentations will result in automatic disqualification.

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